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(PODCAST) Why Seed Club Ventures is Investing $20M into DAOs

(PODCAST) Why Seed Club Ventures is Investing $20M into DAOs

Exclusive interview with Anthony & Timour, Ep. 232

Opinion on DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations is split fiercely between 2 camps - those that don’t believe that decentralized organizations can be effective and those that swear its the business model of the future

To end the debate, there’s no one better to ask than DAO experts Anthony and Timour, who operate and invest in DAOs at the same time on:

  • Why and when a DAO structure is better than traditional organizations

  • Lessons learned in operating & investing in DAOs

  • 2 promising up-and-coming DAOs

You may also catch the full episode on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcast

Host: Jason Choi @mrjasonchoi . Not financial advice.

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