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(PODCAST) Navigating Chaos as a Crypto Trader

(PODCAST) Navigating Chaos as a Crypto Trader

Exclusive interview with Hal Press, Founder of North Rock Digital, Ep. 233

These few weeks have been turbulent for the markets to say the least, with 3 of the largest banks that support crypto winding down, USDC stablecoin de-pegging and more developments happening in real time.

Is this the end for crypto, or are we on the cusp of another bull-run?

Today we have Hal Press, founder of North Rock Digital, who is known on Twitter for his timely and accurate calls, such as the ETH Merge trade and more recently, his thesis on why USDC will return to peg.

In this episode, he shares with us:

  • Thoughts & how to navigate the recent market situation

  • Outlook for BTC vs ETH

  • Thesis on Stacks

  • How to identity and assess narratives like a pro

  • and more!

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Host: Jason Choi @mrjasonchoi . Not financial advice.

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