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5 years and 1M downloads later…

Blockcrunch is now known for surfacing “the next big thing” in crypto in over 200+ episodes, interviewing the founders of companies like Solana, FTX, Opensea etc. years before they took off.

Blockcrunch’s host is Jason Choi, an investor known for his fundamentals-driven approach to crypto. Choi previously co-helmed Asia’s #1 returning investment fund (2020, 2021), and has a dedicated following of 110K+ on his Twitter.

Jason is now a full-time angel investor, working selectively with a handful of founders via his angel collective, Tangent… the rest of the time he’s creating content for you and referring to himself in the third person!

What Blockcrunch offers…

Blockcrunch does two things:

  • FREE PODCAST: Weekly, 40-minute interviews with the best minds in crypto - from developers and cryptographers, investors and billionaire traders to Grammy-nominated rock stars and NFT artists. Available on all podcasting apps!

  • PREMIUM MEMOS: Your personal research team for the price of a coffee a day, for those looking for an extra edge. A bi-weekly newsletter featuring breakdowns of business models and commercial strategies for Web 3 protocols and projects, and intuitive explainers for highly technical concepts (see disclaimers below).

What Fans Are Saying…

Blockcrunch dives directly into the core issues facing crypto founders, investors, and ecosystem participants. Jason asks some of the most thoughtful questions that pull out the nuances required to successfully navigate one of the fastest developing industries in history

  • Dmitriy Berenzon, Research Partner at 1KX, leading Web 3 investment fund

Blockcrunch does a great job curating the highest quality founders and investors in this space. Jason and Javier always come well prepared with insightful questions for guests that dive deep beyond surface level marketing materials.

  • Richard Chen, General Partner of 1confirmation, Top Returning Web 3 VC fund

Blockcrunch is one of it not the best Web 3 & crypto podcast for anyone that want to have an in-depth understanding of leading projects in the space…. I find myself benefitting a lot from Blockcrunch even as a full-time professional in this space

  • Arthur Cheong, Founder of DeFiance Capital, first DeFi fund in Asia

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